We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

In our time of sorrow you met our wishes and everything was completed with concern for our wishes.

Bruce Kuder August 18, 2021

Always great service and staff is always helpful. Everyone is always friendly and go out of their way for others.

Ginger Robinson August 18, 2021

You all made it easier than what I expected it would be. I had a lot of people compliment on how friendly your staff was and how nice the funeral was set up. Thank you for everything.

Allison Buck August 18, 2021

We were all very satisfied with all the services. Everyone was very helpful and kind. We were thankful for all the care and to David for the great job he did.

Carolyn Puckett August 18, 2021

Shane was so thoughtful and amazing. Made the hardest days just a little easier.

Tawnya Murwin August 18, 2021

I could not have asked for any better treatment for my family. Thank you very much.

Elizabeth Lovelace June 22, 2021

Very satisfied with your services. Derek and Shane were very helpful.

Judy McAmis May 25, 2021

We appreciate every thing you all did. Vickie and Derek were so great. Thank you all so much.

Anonymous May 07, 2021

Derek was most thorough, patient and kind throughout the selection process for cremation and the follow-up details with delivery. Calista was part of my initial connection and was most comforting and informative under my duress. Becky did a superb job with the funeral package details and was a lovely person to finalize everything.

Cindy Gober April 09, 2021

The funeral home made my planning so easy. They took care of so many items. Your staff was so nice and took such time with me. Anyone should be pleased with the services you offer. Thank you!

Ginger Falkestein March 17, 2021

I was very pleased with the quality of service. I think the care taken with my dad was excellent. It was way beyond my expectations. I am thankful for everyone and was very happy with the contact.

Christopher Crain March 17, 2021

You all were so very kind and helpful.

Alma Phillips March 17, 2021

Was very satisfied with the service considering the obstacles with the pandemic and out of state planning. Tetrick has always done an excellent job with our family's needs.

Melissa Trivette March 17, 2021

Thank you so much for all you do for the families you serve. Shane so nice and professional to make things a little easier. He just goes that extra mile.

Helen Avery February 24, 2021

Mr. Gillenwater was very considerate when guiding us through the process. He was very patient with our 92 year old mom and answered her questions.

Pauline Barnett February 15, 2021

Thank you for your kindness. We were impressed with the way everything was handled. We will always use your services.

Joyce Sawyer February 15, 2021

Loving guidance and attention was extended to us and for that we are so appreciative. We were brought into their family at Tetrick. Personable, loving, caring and efficient.

Olga DeBusk /Debra Mullins February 15, 2021

Prompt, friendly, caring. The staff what they said they would do. Compassionate. Everyone did a great job. We appreciate the care that was shown and given to us.

Linda Greene February 15, 2021

The service was outstanding. I wouldn't have changed anything. I will recommend it to everyone. It made a difficult time a little better.

Iva Waller January 13, 2021

Facility very clean - plenty of room. Staff very professionally dressed and compassionate mannerism.

Linda Hutton-Collins January 13, 2021

Robbie went above and beyond during a difficult time for our family. He was kind and considerate, showing that consistently while helping us plan and conduct the funeral.

Deakins Family January 13, 2021

I have never seen such attention to detail. The care and compassion was real. Everyone was kind, considerate and professional.

Jo Anne Paty January 13, 2021

The people at Tetrick Johnson City funeral home were so nice. They try their best to cover all the questions you ask. The funeral was so nice.

Gordon Edwards November 18, 2020

Our family was well taken care of when our aunt passed away. David Blackburn did an excellent job. Charlie Bowman was great waiting on the family in all aspects. Becky was wonderful in handling the photo and paperwork. Derek and Gary handled the graveside wonderful. My family wanted you to know and say thank you!

Family of Alta Harper November 13, 2020

Provided excellent care for my family. You have a very affectionate staff. You have people who really care. Thank you for everything.

Matthew Ison November 04, 2020

Your employees met and exceeded our expectations. Charlie and Marie are both blessings Both took care of everything. You are lucky to have such caring and servant-hearted folks to represent your funeral home. The graveside with military honors was perfect! God bless your business!

Jerry Lynn Rhinehardt November 04, 2020

Thank you for handling everything is such a kind and caring way. I am forever grateful.

Amanda Libbey November 04, 2020

We are very pleased with the services you provided. You made a difficult time easier.

Gary Davis September 14, 2020

There was no other way to rate you except a "10". The service was so personal and professional! I have and will continue to recommend Tetrick. Billy was very helpful in our planning

Barbara Minor September 14, 2020

Tetrick has been my family's funeral service provider for as long as I can remember and always will be. Very comforting. Charlie Bowman handled my mother's funeral with great compassion.

Donald Kelly September 14, 2020

During a difficult time Charlie Bowman and your staff helped ease the pain in the most professional, personal and respectful way possible! Charlie made planning adn preparing for everything so much easier! Very thankful for the time he put into our family and details.

Kassandra Fletcher-Savage September 11, 2020

Myself and family members were very satisfied...perfect.

Mary Fowler September 11, 2020

Even though Joe and I had thought about pre-planning our funeral 9 years ago, we decided not to do it. But the information you kept on file from that time was very helpful to me. Thanks for taking care of Joe.

Sylvia Johnson July 15, 2020

David Ensminger was awesome. Have know him a long time. Billy was awesome - very professional and very caring. Awesome people that work there!

Becky Segrest July 15, 2020

Everything was handled with courtesy and respect. Everyone was professional and efficient. Thanks to everyone!

Mark Davis July 15, 2020

The kindness and love given to us in our time of need. All of our questions were answered during this time of Covid19. This was a difficult time for us both you made it easier. Thank you so much.

Marsha Torbett June 22, 2020

Jason was very helpful.

Betty Hale June 22, 2020

Was very patient and caring. My mother was handled amazingly and looked wonderful. Was treated with respect and all wishes were met.

Kayla Babb and Tiffanie Curl June 22, 2020

A big thanks to Shane. He went out of his way to make mom's funeral beautiful. Becky is so sweet and caring. We thank all of Tetrick Funeral Home for making us feel comfortable during a very sad time in our lives.

Missy Wilhoit June 17, 2020

Robbie made the process so simple, he made a difficult time not so difficult. I love the Tetrick-JC viewing room and the casual feel of the graveside service was heartwarming.

Teresa Pierce June 17, 2020

The staff is amazing! We had to make arrangements for the very unexpected death of our young mother and did not have a clue where to begin. Bill walked us through with so much patience. By the time we left he felt like family! Thank you so much!

Heather Benesch May 14, 2020

Robbie and Tetrick went above and beyond for our family when they did not have to. We could not thank you enough for everything you have done for our family and our precious baby girl.

Eric and Danielle Scott May 14, 2020

All staff were very helpful, courteous and caring. Your services did meet and exceed our expectations.

Loyd Timbs May 14, 2020

I was very impressed with the kindness, courtesy and the attention to details. The service was beautiful. Thank you and God Bless!

Margaret Watson May 14, 2020

The primary choice in selecting your services was reputation and quality of services delivered. We have always been impressed with the presentation of the services, quality of facility and presentation of staff.

Louis Nelson April 15, 2020

I was very satisfied with the way the services were conducted and with the compassion shown by all.

Ellen Spurgeon March 13, 2020

Your excellent thoughtfulness and professionalism during this trying time makes it easier to withstand.

Judy Campbell March 13, 2020

Everything was perfect. Everyone was so kind and helpful. So many people commented how nice everything was. I was very pleased with everything. Thank you!

JoAnn Snyder March 13, 2020

Mr. Richard Tetrick and all involved were wonderful! They were very caring and I worried about nothing. Thank you.

Jean Forinash March 13, 2020

Charlie Bowman was so professional and caring. The entire staff went above and beyond to meet our needs. Tetrick has always served our family and will continue to do so.

Brandy Taylor-Torbett March 13, 2020

Very friendly, very helpful, not "pushy". Went above and beyond what had to be done.

Renee Freeman March 13, 2020

The warm and professional way our family and friends were treated by Richard and his staff was only surpassed by the care given to our dearly departed mother.

Jim Surber March 13, 2020

My family and I were handled so carefully and lovingly by Jason, Shirley and Nona. I cannot thank them enough for their consideration. We felt comforted by the care taken with us.

Charlene Marto March 13, 2020

Service was very good.

Scott Beaver March 03, 2020

We appreciate Jason for walking us through the process and giving us all the information we needed. Many people have comments about how good the service was. Thank you all so much for what has to be a difficult profession.

Debbie Remine August 18, 2021

I was very pleased with the handling of the funeral. Everyone was professional and caring.

Anonymous August 18, 2021

I can't express how thankful my family and I are for the caring staff at Tetrick. their patience and willingness to help and their compassion will always be remembered.

Tracy Jones August 18, 2021

There is no other way to rate the services at Tetrick - they are always outstanding.

Stewart Campbell August 18, 2021

You really feel like family. Considerate of our feelings and we were treated with respect and everybody was easy to talk to. Thank you and God bless everyone!

Anonymous August 18, 2021

Everyone was so very nice to my daughter and me. The made this journey through this time with us and made it more bearable. I can't tell you how much we appreciate the entire staff.

Kathy Wallace June 22, 2021

Compassion of all the staff showed with every interaction. We felt everyone truly cared about our family even though we had never met anyone before.

Anonymous May 07, 2021

High quality services and staff.

Kathy Harrell May 07, 2021

You were great to deal with. Thanks for everything. Charlie Bowman and Becky were very helpful.

Anonymous April 09, 2021

Our family was impressed with your service. You made this difficult time a little easier for us. Thank you! Mark was very kind and took care of our needs promptly and in a professional manner.

Clifford Tompkins March 17, 2021

All of the employees were extremely kind and helpful during the difficult time. Charlie Bowman was so kind. He went above and beyond to assist, discuss options and do anything that was asked by the family. He is a huge asset to the organization. Thank you!

Paula Hurt March 17, 2021

Your staff was so kind, helpful, professional and courteous during the loss of my Mom and Nanny. Charlie Bowman is the absolute best. So very helpful and caring. David Blackburn did an amazing job. Everyone was great.

Joyce Treadway March 17, 2021

I was treated with utmost respect. I felt like I was part of your family. Every staff member wanted to help and comfort us with all our needs. Thank you!

Marsha Bradley March 17, 2021

Everything was perfect. Kristen went above and beyond for us and our family. She made us feel like Tetrick people were our family. My wife, Sasha and I will forever be in your debt.

Ross and Sasha Mould February 24, 2021

You guys exceeded my expectations on everything that we had to do. I can't thank you guys enough. Thank you all for such kindness.

Dollena Cruz February 15, 2021

Staff was very courteous and understanding. Also very accommodating.

Ed Behtz February 15, 2021

Love, caring and kindness were shown to my family. I was very satisfied with the service we received, for that I will ever be grateful. Thanks so very much.

Dorothy Rasnick February 15, 2021

Professional and caring service. You take care of all the details.

Charles Dull February 15, 2021

You all did so good taking care of dad's needs at the time we needed you. Thank you so much.

Ron and Dee, Jim and Jody Ellis January 13, 2021

Everyone was so nice and very helpful and accommodating when we were there and very professional.

Anonymous January 13, 2021

Made such a difficult situation less stressful.

Nancy Ray January 13, 2021

I believe that I received a great quality service below the average cost.

Wilhelm Whittimore January 13, 2021

Tetrick's has always been the ones our family turns to when we need them...from my grandparents down now to my husband many generations later! Thank you!

Anonymous November 18, 2020

During a difficult time and all the Covid-19 limitations - everyone was very accomodating and caring. They were respectful of our wishes.

Tracy Tuttle November 04, 2020

Your honesty and kindness in our time of sorrow - you did not pressure us to feel we had to have the most expensive funeral to express our love for our dearly departed one. Thanks everyone!

Betty Maines November 04, 2020

Your entire staff was amazing from the girls in the office and especially Derek Cornett. He was amazing. Gary Kemp was amazing also. They took such care when they came to get her from home.

Anonymous November 04, 2020

Very kind, polite and professional in helping to deal with my mother's passing. Thank you!

Charlotte Miller November 04, 2020

Our family has always used you. Tetrick always does a great job. You are organized, promp, gracious, and caring.

Harvey Norris September 14, 2020

Our wishes were observed and followed. You made a very difficult, trying time easier with your compassion and concern. I cannot thank you enough for the compassion and love you gave us.

Teresa Murray Smith September 14, 2020

You were very helpful with any questions that we had. Tetrick has always been very satisfying to our friends and family in the past. I think you all do an excellent job.

Lou Ann Mollish September 11, 2020

Charlie and staff were attentive and listened to us. We thank the staff for their assistance during this time.

Larry Clark September 11, 2020

Everyone was great. You made everything seem easy and now the hard part starts. The day of the funeral Jason was very respectable. I really appreciated his help.

Jackie Markland September 11, 2020

Right from the 911 call I was treated with much respect, compassion and help. Thank you.

Gloria Reilly July 15, 2020

Overall they were great, sympathetic and helpful. Especially love the memorial video and canvas picture of my dad.

Tim Cable July 15, 2020

As I said - treated us like family!

Edwin Gerance June 22, 2020

Each and every person I worked with was thoughtful, thorough and never rushed. Their guidance and anticipation of what I need to do or had to be done was thorough and professional.

Cynthia St. John June 22, 2020

Everyone treats you like you are special which makes the family feel better during this. We thank you very much.

Fane Bowers Family June 22, 2020

The kindness and compassion shown to our family thru this difficult time was amazing. It was very much appreciated.

Vicki Hill June 17, 2020

Vickie had met with us at home one Friday afternoon and my mother died the following Thursday. It started with her - she is so nice, friendly and professional. Charlie took care of us from start to finish. Anything we wanted he made happen. They made a bad time a little easier.

Tina Westgate June 17, 2020

All of the staff at Tetrick were extremely nice and helpful i the planning and execution of my mother's funeral. Such sad times but Tetrick has made things easier.

Amy Goodson June 17, 2020

I would not change anything if I had to do this again. Everyone was courteous from the time I walked in to complete arrangements until I paid the final bill. Thank you all very much!

Dale Frye May 14, 2020

Billy was very kind and compassionate. We really appreciate what you did for us. Thank you!

Amy Beselmeier May 14, 2020

All of the staff was very warm, calming and caring to all of our family. We felt loved and cared for and especially felt like our loved one was cared for as if he was still with us and needed care/help.

Sheila Ballard May 14, 2020

Our son passed away at the age of 22! Charlie and Shane were so professional, respectful, helpful and kind! Everything was made so much easier because of that! Thank you so much!

Lisa Morris May 14, 2020

Very easy to deal with. Very compassionate. Thank you.

Kim Richman April 15, 2020

In a sad time like this, everyone was so nice and helpful. You have been a blessing for my family for many years. Thanks again.

Laura Hodge March 13, 2020

Everyone we dealt with was exceptional. I had absolutely no complaints. Everyone treated us with kindness and professionalism.

Anonymous March 13, 2020

All your help - couldn't ask for nicer people.

Cecil Street March 13, 2020

Your facility did a wonderful job of meeting our needs in a very warm and compassionate way. Richard Tetrick went above and beyond all expectations to make our journey as comforting as possible.

Linda Little Baughman March 13, 2020

We could not have met a kinder, more helpful group of people. You paid attention to lots of little details and created a beautiful, memorable service for my mother.

Cathy Humphrey March 13, 2020

Everything I saw and those I dealt with was all done with great professionalism. The total process was done with great efficiency. The family thanks you very much for the work you done.

James Mitchell March 13, 2020

The care and comfort you gave my family and the care of my mother, Anne, through this time helped me be able to cope and feel secure. You couldn't have a better staff. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart fore the care of my mother.

Reta Bailey March 13, 2020

You made things simple. Jason was very helpful. He was wonderful.

Anonymous March 13, 2020

The experience with Tetrick was very good. We were treated with concern and care. You were able to meet all of our needs and requests.

Richard Taylor March 03, 2020